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Burglaries on Low Road, Bruisyard - Monday night 2 January


The outbuildings at two houses on Low Road, Bruisyard, were broken into on Monday night 2 January 2017. If anyone has any information on this crime, please contact the Police as soon as possible by phoning 101. Thank you.


All residents in Bruisyard and the neighbouring villages are asked to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately to the police.




Be on you guard for phone calls purporting to be from 'BT Security Department' or 'Ofcom' claiming that your router is reporting high number of errors. These are SCAM calls by criminals and are a variant of the previous Microsoft or Windows Security scam. If you receive one of these calls, terminate the call immediately or alternatively just say SCAM in a loud voice and ring off - they will soon get the message! 

Telephone scams


Beware of telephone scams, for instance you have won the 'lottery' or a 'holiday' and please forward 'X' amount of money to process your winnings. Another recently circulated involves persons claiming to be from a money collection service (in this instance BT) in an attempt to obtain credit card details. Another attempts to get a person away from the premises by claiming that a friend or relative had been involved in an accident and has been taken to hospital. The final scam reported recently is an old scam usually aimed at businesses looking for payment or donations for including some form of advertising in a booklet or wall-chart or similar, often claiming to be a charitable society, in this instance the caller requested the date of birth of the person he was speaking to then used this an an order number when demanding payment.


In all these cases the advice is;


(a) Do not provide ANY personal information to anybody who phones you.

(b) Check the information provided by the caller, obtain the name and address of the company, the name of the caller, and include a phone number. These can all be checked independently.

(c) If you have not, nor have any recollection of agreeing to an advertising contract, question the caller and ask for proof or put these points in a letter.

(d) If it is to do with debt you know nothing about request that they forward to you a copy of the contract.

(e) Lotteries DO NOT ask for payment to process winnings. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.