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The Parish Clerk is Lisa Eveleigh


The Parish Council meets every two months in the Village Hall. The next meetings will be held in the Village Hall on Monday 20 March at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend.

The Parish Council has adopted the model publication scheme under the Freedom of Information Act.


Printed copies of the Minutes and Accounts can be obtained from the Parish Clerk (fee of £0.50 per page).

Download the Parish Council 'Standing Orders', 'Financial Regulations', 'Financial risk assessment and management', 'Internal Control Statement' and 'Model Code of Conduct'.

The Councillors Register Of Interests is published on the East Suffolk Council website.

The Parish Council Minutes and Accounts can be accessed below;



The list of current Planning Applications can be accessed below;




The Bruisyard Parish Plan was published in May 2005. This followed an extensive consultation process in which over 90% of the population in Bruisyard completed a detailed questionnaire which addressed how we view our village, its future development and areas for improvement.

Bruisyard Parish Council

The Parish Councillors are;

Thelma Barham

Paul Church (Chairman)

John Mckee

Teresa Mckee

Tina Church



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